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Charlottesville Recording Studio

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Where Inspiration Meets Innovation:
Unleash Your Sonic Potential


Be Inspired.

Relax. Recharge. Record.
Pro Audio connected to the Outdoors. 

Welcome to a world-class recording experience in Charlottesville, Virginia. The place where advanced recording technology, an expert producer and engineer, and the tranquil backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains converge to provide an ideal setting to elevate your musical journey. James McLaughlin has over two decades of experience helping clients craft engaging audio content that stands out in quality and creativity.  

Mountainside Studio (and disc golf oasis) is the optimal environment for creating exceptional recordings in Central Virginia. 

Recording Studio in Charlottesville Virginia


Solo and Full Band Tracking
Professional Audio Production

Recording - Mixing - Mastering
Custom Drum/Percussion Tracks
Voice Over, Audio Book, Podcast Production
ADR Dialog Replacement
Multi-Track Remote On Location Recording
Digital Audio Transfers


Less Distractions,

More Music.



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