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James McLaughlin

Recording Engineer. Drummer. 

I've been lucky enough to live in Charlottesville, VA since late 2001. It's been a great place to develop my drumming and production skills. I'm grateful for the diversity and the unique generosity of spirit that resides within the music community here. This studio has been built to realize a lifelong dream: a place where music can be created without limitations.

In 2019, we found a property with an old forest, untouched in over a century, located just minutes from downtown C'Ville. This beautiful piece of land was so inspiring, I knew it was the place I would build my "forever" studio. I hired renowned acoustic architect JH Brandt, who designed the tracking and mixing rooms to his exacting, world class specifications. It took about 18 months, hundreds of hours before and during a pandemic, and the rooms sound phenomenal. My goal has been realized: I've created a relaxing and inspiring space not only for myself, but for artists, producers, and other creatives, allowing all of us to focus on what really matters: the music. (and the occasional round of disc golf.) 

Tracking Room


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Mix Room
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Focusrite Red 8Line: Thunderbolt 3, Dante, Pro Tools HD, Logic
58 Input, 64 Output - 32x32 DANTE

Universal Audio 4-710d (x4)
Warm Audio WA-412 (x4)
Focusrite Red Evolution (x2)
Midas Pro (x48)

Adam Audio a77x monitors
Yamaha NS-10M (original) (Hafler P3000)
KRK VXT4 with 10S Sub
Midas M32R, MR18, X32 Producer, X-Air 12 

Behringer P16 Monitoring System (x8)
Grado PS-500
Audio Technica ATH-M40x (6)
AKG K553 MKII (2)

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro
Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit

Instruments and Amps
DW Collectors Series kit
Ludwig 1971 Jazz Fusion kit
Gretsch Catalina Club kit
Various Cymbals, Snares, Percussion

Piano: Kimball Grand Scale Upright (1894)
Hammond M3 Organ, Tour Series Leslie 760 cabinet
Kurzweil SP3X Stage Piano (fully weighted keys for MIDI)
Korg MicroKorg Synth
SWR Goliath SR bass amp
Fender Bronco Amp

DI Boxes
Warm Audio WA-DI-A x2
Radial Engineering SGI Guitar Interface
RadiaL Pro DI x5

JZ Black Hole 2 (x2)
AKG C414
Neumann KM 184 matched pair
Neumann TLM 103
Warm Audio WA87 R2 (x2)
Michael Joly Mods:
Rode NT1-A
The Hulk
Oktava MC 012 matched pair

Slate VMS-ML-1
Rode NT4 stereo
Shure SM7B
Sennheiser e 604 (x3)
Sennheiser e 906
AKG d112
Shure Beta 52A
Shure Beta 58 Wireless (x2)
Shure SM57 x8
Shure SM58 x8
Blue Encore 100 (x4)
Blue Hummingbird pair

CAD Equitek E200
Electro-Voice 635A
Audix F15 (x2)

Waves Horizon, Restoration, Saphira, NLS
Waves Abbey Road Suite, Producers Plugs
iZotope Music Production Suite 4
Native Instruments - Komplete Ultimate 12
Slate Digital VBC, VMR, VTM, Blackbird VMS, Trigger 2
PSP (full suite, Vintage Warmer)
Celemony - Melodyne
Soundtoys - EchoBoy, LIttle AlterBoy
FabFilter - Saturn
Oekound - Soothe2